The Harvard University has uploaded free online courses and has added some new courses for the term 2023. These free online courses of the Harvard University are open to worldwide learners.

How these courses will help the learners and what are the benefits of these courses to the students? So the answer is these courses will boost your skills and knowledge and adding those new skills to your resume it will distinguish you from other candidates, learning new courses from the world’s most renowned university The Harvard University will boost your academic result as well. These courses will also help you to get national and international scholarships. These are the most top rated online courses which are mostly free and provided by the top ranked University of the world. And the most important thing is you don’t need IELTS/TOFEL to enroll in these online courses.

These online courses of The Harvard University are available in all fields like Business, Science, Health and Medicine, Social Science, Data Science, Computer, Mathematics, Education, and many other fields. One can do multiple courses at a time. You need to enroll online, there is no need of documents submission and no any nationality, age and Academic restrictions for enrollment in any course. You need to enroll and your course will automatically start. On completion of each enrolled course you will be given a completion certificate of that particular course. The List and detail of offered online courses by Harvard University are given below.

Details About Harvard University Free Courses 2023

  • University: Harvard University
  • Courses offered: 113 Free courses
  • Accessibility: Online
  • Deadline: No deadline


Available Free Online Courses at Harvard University

There are 113 free courses, and 241 paid courses. All courses are available in the following fields.

  • Business
  • Art & Design
  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Computer Science
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Education & Teaching
  • Health & Medicine
  • Health & Medicine


Eligibility Criteria for free online courses at Harvard University

Candidates of any age, profession, qualification, background, and from any region are encouraged to apply from any part of the world even without having any particular language proficiency like IELTS/TOEFL.

Benefits and Key Points

  • Duration of each course is from 2 to 12 Weeks.
  • Online courses, no need to come to campus.
  • There is no registration and all courses are free.
  • There are 113 Free courses, and 241 paid courses 
  • On completion of each course, a completion certificate will be provided to the candidate with the digital name of the candidate on it so the candidate can print it later.
  • Candidate can learn these courses from anywhere and anytime freely.


How to Apply for the Harvard University Courses

Following are the step one need to follow in order to register oneself in these free online courses of the Harvard University.

  • Step 1: Visit https://pll.harvard.edu/catalog
  • Step 2: Click on Price option. It will show two options free and paid, you have to click free option.
  • Step 3: Then click on school option to see the free courses offered from which school and then you have to select your desired courses.
  • Step 4: Get enroll yourself by providing your correct information, which are required.
  • Step 5: Then you have to select the course duration and course starting date.

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