18 Tips for a Successful Interview | How to Become Successful in interview ?

 18 Tips for a Successful Interview


18 Tips for a Successful Interview | How to Become Successful in interview ?

Tips for a successful interview. The impressions that you make while
giving an interview often can outweigh your original credentials. Your
attitude, basic social skills, poise, and ability to communicate are connected
with your experience and education.


While you are giving an interview
you and your interviewer must be engaged with each other in a conversation,
there might be an exchange of ideas and information. Only communication or such
dialogue can determine whether you, your organization and your job are
well-matched. Preparation is the key factor to becoming successful in an interview.


Be on time.

Always reach your interview
destination before 10-15 minutes. As interviewers are often ready for the


Know your interviewer’s name,
spelling, and pronunciation.

Know your interviewers’ names. If
you don’t know the name of the interviewer ask someone and note the secretary’s
name as well in case you have to call back. Secretaries can influence the
hiring decision.


Prepare some questions in

If you prepare some questions there
is nothing wrong with it. It shows that you have done some research about the
organization and you want to know more about it and open position.


Bring some copies of your CV/Resume.

Also, bring your ID card and your
educational documents. Papers should be organized manner.


Bring a pen and a small

Do not make notes during an
interview. Instead, you can note immediately after the interview, you can write
as much you remember including your experience how well you performed in the


Greet the employer with a smile.

Always maintain eye contact with
the interviewer, it means do not only stare down your knees and table.


Be ready and expect to
spend some time with the interviewer for developing a rapport.

Do not quickly jump right in and
get down to your business. Always follow the instructions given by the
interviewer lead.


If you are nervous do not
be embarrassed during an interview.

If you are a fresh candidate, you
will gain experience and you will become more comfortable and easier with
future interviewing processes.



On your skills, your attributes,
and your willingness to learn new things. Never apologize for not having any
experience. Describe interviewer about your strength in terms of what you can
do for their organization.


Tell the truth.

Exaggeration and lies will come
back to haunt you.


Listen to the interviewer

Focus on the interviewer and listen
to their question and make sure you understand them; if you don’t understand
ask for clarification and try to restate into your own words precisely and


Never blame your teacher,
employer, friend, or your university.

Loyalty is the priority in any


Correct your grammar.

Employers are always interested in
those candidates who can express themselves properly. If you go slowly and
correct yourself, accuracy is highly preferred in ungrammatical fluency.


Be ready for personal

Many employers don’t know what they
can ask and what they cannot ask legally. Try to anticipate how you overcome
while asking such questions without losing your balance.


Ask or wait for the
interviewer to mention benefits and salary.

Research about pay, and benefits,
on the career service website of the organization.


Do not think that you will
be hired in the first interview

Often you could be called for
multiple interviews and several weeks.


Close on a positive way

Ask the interviewer for the next
step. Thank the interviewers for his/her time in conducting the interview and
for showing interest in your profile for the open position. Leave courteously
and quickly with a smile and handshake.


                                                                 Best Of Luck



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