Abu Dhabi
Aviation (ADA) is the largest commercial helicopter operator in the Middle
East. ADA provides aviation services and other services worldwide and
especially to the middle east companies engaged in oil and gas production
businesses. ADA provides other services worldwide and all over the middle east
countries which include transportation services to VVIP passengers, sessional
crop spraying, it provides rescue operations, firefighting, aerial
construction, engineering and construction services, photography, general
survey, medical evacuation coverage, and other third party maintenance.

ADA was
established in 1975 and started its operations officially in March 1976. ADA is
owning and operates 58 aircraft comprising 51 helicopters and 7 fixed wing
aircraft. In 2016, Abu Dhabi Aviation received the certification of stage one
on the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IBAC). ADA is
an equal opportunity semi-government organization that provides equal
opportunity to all nationalities in the world. It always strives for the
betterment in all fields of its business operations. For that, they always
looking for the most suitable candidate which fits the place in their
organization and helps them, and put his or her share in the progress of his or
her organization. Candidates which have a background and experience in the aviation
industry have an edge over other candidates. The company is always looking for
a candidate for their upcoming projects, those who have an aviation sector
background and those who can help them in growing their business.

Benefits of
working with Abu Dhabi Aviation. 

The company
believes that its employees are the greatest assets of the company. That’s why
they provide them with every kind of facility that an employee can imagine in
his or her dream. The best thing they provide is a learning opportunity due to
which a candidate can enlarge his or her skills and abilities and enrich his or
her demand in the industry and organization.



If an individual
is interested to get a job here and wants to work with such a worldly renowned
organization then individual needs to visit their official company website, to
see their new offered vacancies or He/She can also search their new job
vacancies in other job search engines or platforms like indeed, LinkedIn. First
of all, individual needs to look at their offered jobs if he/ she founds his/
her desired job then he must look at its qualification and other mentioned
criteria for selection in a job like an experience, skills, abilities and age
requirement because it will save the time of individual and company as well.
After that, the individual can apply for that job. Their general application
form for a new job requires personal information, education, working
experience, and professional skills information and you have to send your
current updated resume/CV. On selection for a particular job/ applied job, the
company will contact and set a schedule for an interview. The schedule can be
online and physical as well it depends upon the availability of the candidate
and job nature. You must make sure that the information given must be genuine.
Upon final selection, a person needs to submit his/ her documents physically so
the company (Abu Dhabi Aviation) will carry on the remaining process, like
finding accommodation for a new employee, preparing a job contract, getting a
work permit from Government and few other requirements before calling a
candidate to work in there.

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