Importance of Social Media Marketing

 Importance of Social Media Marketing


It is a form an internet marketing that uses social media
applications as a tool of marketing, These social apps help the brands to
connect with their target audience to increase their brand sales and also help
to attract traffic to their websites.

Social media marketing is the best source of interacting with customers and getting feedback on product and services. Social media
helps to create a relationship with their customers, It gives them a platform
where they can ask questions, log complaints, and get information about their
required product.

There are hundreds of popular social applications but the
most popular application is Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat,
and Pinterest. Every platform has its way to attract customers. Organizations
use these channels to attract their target customer and deliver their message
about products or services, and customers can see those messages on different


Why Social Media
Marketing is important?

Here are 4 main reasons
why social media marketing is important for every business.

 1.    Enables to tell your

Availability on social media platforms like Facebook,
Instagram, Youtube, or Snapchat is the best way to connect with your target
audience personally. This helps you to tell your story and can inspire your
followers through your success story.

This way you can convey your message to the targeted audience
and tell about your brand or services, this is something that an entrepreneur
needs to be connected digitally with the world.

People don’t know about products or services; they might be
looking for those products or services that you are selling.  You can tell them through your post and
create brand awareness.

 2.    You can Grow your
customer with a small budget

Social media has become the cheapest way of marketing; with
hundreds of available tools on social media platforms you can easily make your
product advertised and available to every corner of the world.

You can also create your social media page and you can grow
your page by consistently posting related interesting content to your audience.
This can be done using Search engine optimization (SEO) Content. Where you can
use trending keywords and you can easily enhance your ranking search pages.

There are millions of businesses and bloggers who don’t spend
a single penny on digital media advertisement, but with the help of their
content and interaction with their customers, they have created a good
relationship with their targeted customers.

This means if you have a smaller budget for advertisement you
can also grow your business on social media platforms and increase your sales

 3.    Focus on Customers who
matter the most.

Business owners should be vigilant on social media channels
and create an image of their brand; this is a really important thing that comes
to a customer’s mind when they think about certain products or services.

Target the audience, it is important to be connected with
them through different social media channels. Create an image in their minds so
that your business is a top priority for them, whenever they search for a
product they look at your business page first.

 4.    Know about your

Social media platforms have open access to every brand, By
visiting their profiles you can learn about the strategies that they use to attract
target audiences.

You can see which type of content they are posting on their
social media channels and you can analyze which post is doing good business.

After collecting the data and analysis of your competitor
profile quires and questions asked by the audience, you will be able to
understand that questions and you can apply those to your digital marketing

You can go through their comments, post and you can see how
they are the engaging target audience.

 Future of Social Media Marketing

There are endless opportunities for use of social media
marketing. As time passes there are new trends are being introduced for
business growth. A few of them are explained below:

 Video contents:

According to researchers, we will see more video content in the
future rather than text content. As text content providers will start providing
video content with visual information that will help customers to see the
quality of the product in working conditions. As the customer usually complains
that they do not receive the product as was shown in the picture. Using video
or visuals of the product we can retain the customers and increases their trust
in our brand.

 Increase dependency on Social Media

Business is making their websites and social media pages to
reach their potential customers, In the future, you will see that companies
will be dependent on social media for their business growth. Even we can see
that if someone wants to search for a product they usually seek on social media
or websites to find out the product details or company.

 Micro Influence

For brand promotions, we will no more need to endorse a
high-level celebrity. Micro-influencers are used for the advertisement of the
product or businesses. People who have more than 20 thousand followers on
social media are also promoting products and this trend is already trending.
Businesses are taking advantage of these influencers.

Amazon’s Social Media Marketing Strategy to
Inspire Buyers

on Social Media

With huge number of
advertisements on various social media networks, Amazon is making more sales
than any other online stores; here is how it’s done by Amazon:


Amazon’s Facebook page has over 28.7 million like on Facebook. This is a
huge number, Once you take a quick visit of their news feed you can see the
reason why its so popular. Amazon is replying each and every comment on their
posts and this is so quickly and politely. They also provide links and useful
information by addressing their first name.

For examples:


When a customer ask
a question, Amazon answers quickly even if customer show frustration, their
response is so quick and very helpful. Using social media platforms customers
can see reviews of the product written by different buyers that appear in their
news feeds.

Amazon provides
product highlights with coupons and discounts to encourage sales. When father’s
day is just near the corner, The Facebook pages are full of gifts and discount
vouchers and coupons to purchase them. Once a customer looks at those gifts and
vouchers they do not need to look elsewhere.

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