How to Apply for Permanent Residence in UK | Complete Guidance

 How to Apply for Permanent Residence in UK | Complete Guidance

 How to Apply for Permanent Residence in UK. If you are in the UK and you want to stay as long as you want without any restriction, and you are looking for an opportunity to apply for Permanent residency in the UK. It means you don’t want any restrictions and no limit to living in the UK until you live there. There are thousands of people who are eligible to apply for permanent residence. This Article is all about how to apply for permanent residence in the UK and how you can apply for it.

How to Apply for Permanent Residence in UK | Complete Guidance

What is meant by permanent residency?

Permanent residence is a status of
immigration, which can be awarded to a person who is not born in the UK and has
no relationship with UK citizens, But he is permitted to stay in the UK as long
as he wants without any time restrictions. He is allowed to work in any organization;
he can study any kind of degree or course without any limits. It is an
important note for the residence once he is eligible for permanent residence
and he lives more than 2 years continuously out of the UK his immigration can
be canceled. This status is common for everyone to become a naturalized citizen
of British Citizenship. This is also for Non-British citizenship holders once
they give birth to a child in the UK, at least one of their parents should be
the holder of British Citizenship otherwise the child will not be awarded

Who Can Apply For Residence?

Most immigrants can apply,
however, the period of eligibility varies from case to case since they are
relocated to the UK. Checkout the below-detailed timescales involved in the
immigration process:

0 years

A kind of adopted
child younger than the age of 18 years who
is allowed to enter into the country with parents or other family members who
are settled in the UK, An established resident of the UK, dependent relative or
grandparent who is over 18.

Anyone who is granted
permission to move to the UK for up to 27 months or to extend their stay for 2
years as the spouse, civil partner, or same-sex partner of a settled resident
and who was still in the relationship at the time that permission was granted
and can demonstrate that the association has now broken down due to violence.

2 years

Any person who has
been granted temporary permission to live in the UK as the spouse, same-sex
partner, or unmarried partner of a settled person or a citizen of that country
and who still resides with that partner if the permit was granted before July
8, 2012.

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4 years

Those who have been in the UK for four years on a visa that
was obtained before April 3, 2006, namely under the Highly Skilled Migrant
Program and the Employment Not Requiring Work Permit any Commonwealth national
who has served in the British military for at least four years

5 years

Anyone who has been resident for 5 years with a visa for any
of the following:

  • Tier 1 or 2
  • Work Permit
  • Businessperson permit
  • Innovator permit
  • Investor permit
  • Representative of overseas media
  • The employee of an overseas government
  • The airport-based staff of overseas airline
  • Self-employed lawyer
  • Artist, composer, or writer
  • UK ancestry
  • HSMP migrant
  • A retiree with an independent income
  • The sole representative of overseas business
  • Anyone gave humanitarian protection after 30 August 2005
  • Anyone living in the UK with a temporary permission for 5 years as a
    spouse or civil partner of a settled resident or British citizen and who is
    still in the same relationship

6 years

Anyone with a visa who resides in the UK

10 years

Anyone who has resided legally in the UK for at least ten
years, provided they haven’t traveled outside the nation more than six months
at a time or for more than 18 months overall.

14 years

Anybody who has lived illegally in the UK for 14 years in a
row, or who has alternated between legal and illegal stays.

How to Apply For Residency in the UK?

If you meet the requirements to apply, you must obtain the
proper application form from the UK Government website, fill it out, and mail
it to the address shown on the form. Unless you are a refugee or have received
humanitarian protection, you will need to provide supporting evidence for your
application and pay a fee. After completing your application, you’ll also need
to provide biometric data, including a digital picture and your fingerprints.

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