How to apply for Australian Visa for Pakistani Citizens

Australian Visa for Pakistani Citizens


to apply for Australian visa on Pakistani Passport?

Through Australian visa Pakistan citizens
are allow to travel Australia for the purpose of tourism, visit their friends, family
or business meetings.

Australian visitor visa allow Pakistani
passport holders to visit Australia multiple time for 12 months of validity
time period. And Pakistani citizens are not allowed to do paid work on these
visitor visas.

The visa can be granted for shorter period
of time on your personal circumstances,

Tourist visa for Australia from Pakistan, for Pakistani
passport holders

On a Pakistani
you may apply for an Australian tourist visa for the
purposes of tourism, holidays, visiting family. You can apply to stay for up to
3, 6 or 12 months in Australia but the length of stay may be less than you
apply for.

Using Pakistani passport you can apply for
tourist visa for the purpose of holidays, tourism, and visit with your family. You
stay up to three, six, or twelve months but the time period can be shorter than
you apply as per your request.

Please Note:
For processing you will need to provide copies of your passport and supporting
documents to process your registration.

Business Visa for Pakistani passport holders

You can apply via Pakistani passport for Business visitor visa for the purpose of
meetings, business, etc. This can include paid work in Australia.

For that you need to provide proof of the

As with the tourist visa for processing you
will need to provide copies of your passport and supporting documents to
process your registration.

 What visitor
visas do not cover?

Only limited time study is permitted

Using visit visa you can only study for
maximum of three months, or if you want to study more you should look at Australian
Student Visa

You are not allowed to work in Australia

An Australian visitor visa does not allow
Pakistani citizens to do any paid work in Australia. Unfortunately Pakistani
passport holders cannot apply for working holiday visas, but there are work
visa options available. Please contact our offices for information

Australian visit visa do not allow Pakistani people
to do paid job in Australia. Because, Pakistani passport holders are not
allowed to apply for holiday working visas in Australia, but there are work
visa options are available.

If you have any criminal record

Before you have to declare all your criminal
records, Depend on your personal circumstances, Visa processing will be more
complicated if it found. It may take longer time to process you may pay extra
additional charges for that, If you have any criminal record you must go Australian
visas for individuals with criminal convictions
and register

How to apply
for Australian visa using a Pakistani passport

If you are Pakistani passport holder, the
normal application process can’t be used. Because the application process for
visitor visa is manual.

If you are applying from Pakistan or from
other country, you must have at least six months of remaining residency permit
of your country.

1:  Register yourself to apply for Australian visitor visa using Pakistani

We invite you to register your request to
apply for an Australian visitor visa. One registration fee will cover multiple

We register your request for an Australian visitor
visa application. One time registration fee will be covering multiple applications
on time.

The cost for this initial registration is £28.00 

2: Prepare your checklist and information.

Once the registration is completed online,
one of our member from team will contact you and provide you checklist of
suitable supporting information for the application, and also help you where to

Submit your Visa Application

If you think that you have enough information
and you can continue to complete your application by your own. However, if you
need further details or assistance from our experienced team, our professional charges are £90 per application.

STEP 4: Pay
any additional fees

These charges will be directly paid to agency
or organization that provide services.

Australian Immigration costs is
The Australian Government
application fee is AUD140.00

For South African passport holders
there can be
extra fees for:

You have complete
your medical examination and health checklist

Police clearance
certificate for all the countries where you lived before

Any document
that need to be verified eg. Passport or other documents

Once the processing fees are
paid for Australian visa application, you will NOT be able to claim a refund
payment once the application is refused.

visitor visa requirements for Pakistani Citizens

requirements when applying for an Australian visitor visa

  • You must be staying outside Australia while applying for visa.
  • Your health requirements must meet:
    For Australian immigration we
    use WHO guidelines to access health risk, The WHO consider Pakistani at
    high risk country for
  • You must be of good character:
    If you have any criminal Record, you have to clear that.  Australian immigration consider that
    along with number of assess factor to your character. If you have a
    criminal record, you must apply on the criminal conviction application system. When you apply for your Australian
    Visa, you must provide various items of information to Australian
    Immigration. This is required to enable them to fully assess your
    application. It is in your interest to provide all the information that
    they request.

If you already have a visa please check conditions that apply for your personal application



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