How to Apply at Canadian University (Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D.) Complete Guidance

In this article, you are
going to study How to apply for Canadian University Undergraduate, Masters, and
Ph.D. admission process. Many people were asking me multiple questions
regarding how to pursue our educational career in Canadian Universities. I have
tried to sum up all of those questions and answer all those queries, I have
written this article that will be helpful for you if you are aiming to pursue
your educational career in Canadian Universities. For the complete application
process and details read the article below:

Guidelines to Study in Canada

Canada has become one of the top-ranking countries by
United Nations in the world to live in, It is also the favorite country choice
for studies and many country students are looking to pursue their careers in
Canadian Universities.

There are 90 plus Canadian universities and 150 colleges
and many other technical institutions offering every study program. Once you
have completed a degree or diploma from a Canadian University or Institution is
recognized as a very high standard of education in the world.

Education in Canadian is very low cost compare to
European countries in Cost of Education, Cost of Living, Food, etc.



Most Canadian Universities offer two semesters per
academic year, (fall semester September to December), and winter (January to
May). And many other universities also offer a summer semester from the
beginning of May or June.

Deadlines: For the
September session deadlines for the applications are generally from December to
March, and some colleges have a different policy for the admission process they
accept applications during processing time till permits.

 How to Apply

Most Universities and colleges provide online application
processes or downloadable application form processes. If you are interested in
applying to the colleges or Universities of Ontario province you have to apply
to central application centers.

The Ontario Universities’ deadline for the application
center (OUAC) is March. Once the deadline is completed applications will be
processed on a first come and first served basis.

Some of the Ontario Universities accept an application
that can be submitted directly to the Universities. For January Admissions
deadlines will be processed from September to November.

Admission dates vary from the institution and can be
confirmed by checking the relevant university pages.

There is a difference between Ontario and Quebec province
universities and colleges’ application processes for applying as compared to
other universities in Canada. You can check it by visiting the universities

Requirements for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Master’s program

Students then apply for Bachelor’s degree must submit
their transcripts of the final exams in secondary college or school. And make
sure the report is officially filled and checked by the Headmaster, Principle,
or counselor of the school.

Since every country has its variation in grading
standards. It will be helpful if you submit a report including a guide for the
grading system in school.

Students can submit their leaving certificates when
available. If the transcript report is in other languages than English, They must
need it translated into English by the authority or university. Otherwise, it
will not be considered.

Students who are interested in a Master’s program must
have a relevant bachelor’s degree or diploma.

For Ph.D. Studies interested students must have a
Master’s degree or diploma to apply for Doctoral studies in Canada.


  • English Proficiency:

Every university has different scores and minimum
requirements for these tests.

Note: The every
University of Canada has its English tests. For more information, you can visit
the official websites of the universities of your interest.

  • Letter of Recommendation: 

Sometimes universities do not ask for a Recommendation letter, Include at least
two as this will increase your chances to get admission to your interested

  • Statement of Purpose: 

Make sure to include a statement for a reason
to choose your interested course or subject, Explaining the suitability of your
education, experience, personal interest, and career goals for choosing this

 How to apply
for a Study Permit?

 An international
student for admissions to universities of Canada needs to apply for Visa. If
the duration of the study is more than 6 months then you need to have a
Canadian study permit.

 You can also apply
through paper or online methods for a study permit. But the online application
process is a faster and most recommended way to apply for a study permit.

Documents for Study Permit

  1. Proof
    of acceptance
  2. Proof
    of Identity
  3. Letter
    of explanation
  4. Proof
    of financial support

For Admissions, you have to prove that you are willing to
manage your expenditures during your studies in Canada. It usually costs a
minimum of $10,000 each year of study.

For to prove you have to show the following
details:  (changed)

  • Canadian
    Bank account, If you have transferred money to Canada.
  • Proof
    of education, or student loan from a financial institution.
  • Convertible
    currency bank draft.
  • Bank
    statement for the past 4 months.
  • Proof
    of payment voucher for the accommodation and tuition fees.
  • A
    proof of letter provided by the person or institution that is paying you money.
  • If
    you have a scholarship please provide proof of funding paid by the Canadian
    Funded Educational Program.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be accepted by an institute in Canada
  • You must prove yourself that you are fully supported
  • Make sure you don’t have any criminal record.
  • Must have good health and no disease record and be
    willing to complete medical examination. If necessary.
  •  During the interview, you must satisfy the immigration
    officer that you will leave Canada after the completion of your studies.
  • Once your application is received, the Immigration
    officer may ask you for additional documents like security documents or Medical

Arrival in

When you arrive in Canada you have to submit your
documents and proof of Identity, Financial support, and other required
documents to the control agency. Once you have completed your documentation
process you will be given a study permit that will help you to study and live
in Canada.

Renewal of
Study Permits by International Students

International students must obtain a study permit to
study in Canada. Once your study permit is near to expiry and you want to renew
your study permit, you must apply at least one month before the expiry of the
current date.

The period of your study permit will not exceed your
passport. But you have to ensure that your passport exceeds the validity of the
days you are requesting for your application.

Once you have applied for your study permit and your
existing permit is expired before you receive a new one, you can continue your
studies with an expired permit until you received a new one.

If you travel out of Canada then your permit will be
expired and you have to apply for renewal, once it’s expired and you applied
for an extension then you will have to leave Canada.

It is illegal to remain
beyond the validity of your status in Canada. It is illegal to work without a
required work permit. It is illegal to study without a required study permit.

Note: If you stay in Canada beyond the validity of
your permit it will be considered illegal, And if you want to work in Canada
you need a work permit for that and you cannot work on a study permit in

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