7 Career Development Tips

 Seven Career Development Tips


7 Career Development Tips


In this creative world,
everything can be changed with the blink of an eye, or with the click of a
button. How do you ensure that your skills will keep enhancing with the latest
technologies, standards and trends? That’s a billion-dollar question.

I have traveled across the
world for more than 14 years of my life, offering my services as a freelancer and
copywriter. As my journey comes to a close I want to share some of my important
pieces of my career I have learned along the way.

Following are my most
important seven career development tips that will surely help you in career

1. Figure out your weak

This is my advice for you, and it’s very
important. If you have any weak professional points, fix them. Try to identify
your skill gaps and work on them. Once you have corrected one issue move to the
next one. As a professional, if you are unable to improve your skill set, you
are in the wrong field.  It needs passion
to succeed in the industry that you don’t have.

2. Learn new skills every day

If you want
to improve in skills that already exist in your personality, Its important to know
about things that you don’t know about. Like, you are a web content writer and
you do not understand why services accounts are pushing more social content.
Try to find the reason and look for what the clients want. Understanding what you
should deliver to get more clients, will help you to understand the future
needs of clients

3. Engage people around you

Suppose you
are a copywriter’s fan, invite them for dinner or lunch so you can understand
their brain and you can ask for tips and tricks. Or suppose you are impressed
with a graphic designer, send him an email and ask him about his processes. Once
you engage creative people you can open yourself to new ways of thinking.

4. Engage those around you

Are you a
big fan of a fellow copywriter’s work? Invite that person to lunch so you can
pick her brain. Are you fascinated with the impressive output of a particular
graphic designer? Shoot him an email and ask about his process. When you engage
with other creative professionals, you open yourself up to new ways of thinking.

5. Read more

If you like
picking up a few blogs or new novels from your favorite poet or author, we say it
benefits from reading. Don’t limit yourself to a specific field otherwise, you
will miss the world’s full information. You never understand a new piece of
information might click to help you make a million-dollar campaign.

6. Maintain a good work-life balance

This is
something harder that is not in your control. Because healthy life and work-life
balance make all the differences between a good career and a great one. You can
stay one or two extra hours at the office; Instead, you could spend your time with
family or you plenty of sleep and
produce more power for tomorrow’s job.

7. Always be yourself

No matter
what job you are doing or what designation you have, you should always be
yourself. The time you pretend to be something you are not anytime your career
begins to descend. So don’t feel any pressure to be someone you are not. A
strong work ethic and a good personality and an eagerness to learn will often
transcend any shortcomings you may have.


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