10 Habits That Make You Smarter

  Ten Habits That Make You Smarter

What do you think smart people have in common? Most people think
that intelligence comes from birth. similarly, they think that leaders are
born, not made. But actually and most probably it isn’t a set trait, and
studies claim that leaders can be made and people can be smart over time by
following some habits which are so common among smart people’s lifestyles. Few
habits are mentioned below which will stimulate and grow your brain, by the
adoption of these habits, one can be smart which one wished to be.

1.         Asking questions: It
is truly said by a German Philosopher (Hans-Georg Gadamer) that “knowledge can
only be with those who have questions”. People think asking questions is an act
of stupidity and shame, hence they remain backward throughout their life. It is
truly saying that the more one asks questions and has a curiosity about knowing
new things the more one will have knowledge which will lead him to be smart. We
observe new things in our surroundings and most of the time we don’t know much
about them. Therefore, one should search for it and get knowledge about it via
any source, and today in this world of technology, seeking knowledge is very
easy just a matter of a click. So we can say asking the question is the pre-requisite
to stimulating one’s brain and being smart.

Reading a lot: Reading is a powerful tool for your brain. It
is like a wealth of your brain the more you read the more your brain will be
wealthy and healthy. It doesn’t only keep you informed it also helps you to
learn new things and keeps you up-to-date. The best method of reading is to
read physical books but in today’s world books are replaced by different
gadgets and social apps, but despite all these, we can also use them positively
to get knowledge of them. Despite watching videos of dogs and funny things, one
should watch informative videos of one’s interest, and in replace of liking and
subscribing to unnecessary pages and channels, one should like and subscribe to
informative sources so the more one scrolls up and down the more one will get
new things to know.

Be in the company of
Smart people: 
It is truly said that smart friends are the real asset in your
life. Hang out with smart people will lead you to learn new skills from them.
Keep yourself close to intellectual people to help you feed your brain. Because
intellectual people always have something new to discuss so it’s a great way to
learn new things and exercise your brain and get the benefit of your leisure
time. It is also beneficial to be in the company of smart people who will point
out your weaknesses and suggest new ways and techniques how to overcome them
and convert your weaknesses into strengths.

10 Habits That Make You Smarter

Take time to think: Sometimes
we can’t digest the new information we are getting and we don’t understand the
true essence of the information we received. Taking a pause is the best habit
of smart people which is beneficial in the way it gives you the time to think
about your surroundings, the information you have received, your purpose of getting
this information, and get to know the importance of information already
received. The same goes for conversation, smart people listen more than talk
less and get to deal with any matter by using fewer words.

Exercise Frequently: Don’t
underestimate the importance of routine exercise. Your mental health depends
upon physical health. The more you are physically fit the more you will be
mentally fit. Smart people are so serious about their physical health and for
that they always do exercise. It is recommended that at least take one hour to
do exercise whether go to the gym, do yoga, or just jogging.

Eat healthy food: The
brain is a thought engine of our body that requires ideal fuel to work
efficiently and properly. So the ideal fuel for our brain is a balanced diet,
rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats. Eating healthy
foods and avoiding junky foods will power your thought engine to work at the
optimum level.

Maintaining a diary: Keeping
a diary will keep you on track. Set a time in a day for instance evening and
write down all activities, events, and achievements you did throughout the day.
It will benefit in 2 ways. First, it will keep you track and motivates you that
how much you are near to your goal and how efficiently passed your day the
second benefit is, that writing on daily basis will improve your communication
skills as well.

Try new things: Smart
people always try to do new things even if they think it won’t work they try
their best to practice it as much as they can till they don’t get their desired
result. They accept the universal truth that nothing can be learned without
practice and trying. They don’t fear failure and it is the failure that forced
you to be a success and brings you the level of perfection.

Apply and share new
When smart people acquire new knowledge they tend to share it
with their surroundings and apply it in their lives. Sharing knowledge will
also help you in two ways. First, when you share new knowledge with others, it
will help you to strengthen your concepts more deeply because when you share
it, people will ask questions, and giving them satisfactory answers will grow
your knowledge again and it is a fact that every person looks in a matter with
a different angel. The second reason is, that it will grow your relations and
connections. Intellectual people will try to be your friend to get knowledge
from you.

Take short breaks at
Our brain gets tired when it receives a continuous flow of
information and workload so taking a short break while working will help you to
work efficiently when you restart your start. Smart people take vacations from
their work and go on trips it increases their creativity and relaxed their

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